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A Melbourne based freelance web developer. I love soving problems and developing sustainable digital solutions for organisations.

I analyse your digital needs, research solutions, build prototypes and develop products and systems that will best serve your needs online. I have a strong commitment to enriching communities, improving accessibility and working with open source techonology.

My next project would ideally involve developing a web system for a non-profit that I am passionate about. A headless drupal implmentation for the content management framework with a light bootstrap + angularJS client.

If you are an artist / activist / academic / educator / maker / designer with an idea or project that requires my skills, I would love to have a chat about it.

Latest Projects

Joseph Camilleri

Joseph Camilleri - Responsive Website and Forum

A content heavy website with complex information architecture needs. Built with Drupal.

A curated forum with a unique format and workflow for a variety of roles.

Joseph Camilleri

DAX Centre Audi Guide

DAX Centre Audio Guide(web app) for Hypergraphia

A responsive mobile site/app that runs on ipods at the centre.

A Joomla CMS powers the site.



VAPP (website) for Hypergraphia

A reponsive Wordpress site designed by Hypergraphia

The custom template was built on the bones framework.


Okologie Consulting

├ľkologie Consulting (website) for Hypergraphia

A reponsive Wordpress site designed by Hypergraphia

The custom template was built on the bones framework.

├ľkologie Consulting

Archived Projects

ITU Academy

Custom template development for Joomla website and Moodle Learning Management System.

Melbourne Training Associates

Custom Joomla website and LMS integrations.

Work Experience

Freelance Web Developer - Jason D'Souza // Semiotik (2009 - Present)

Since 2009 I have worked on over 25 projects and collaborated with many designers and organisations. Currently I work on my projects at the Flock Workspace. Come and have a chat.

Lead Developer / Community Applications Developer - Energetica (Oct 2011 - Jan 2014)

Lead the development on numerous web projects for non-profits and government agencies. CMS' included Joomla, Drupal, CiviCRM and frameworks like Laravel and Kohana.

Worked closely with various stakeholders in a work anywhere environment. Mentored junior developers and improved development processes at the organisation.

Developer - Joomla Bamboo (June 2009 - Oct 2011)

Developed and maintained Joomla templates, template framework and extensions. Provided techincal support and customisations to subscribers.